Started in 2018, LugLog is an unending quest to explore the world of watches. My goal is to be a bookmark resource of timepiece content. I look to provide valuable information, research, and reviews on watches of all types.

The site is organized as a blog but I have incorporated tools to help you find what you are looking for. Under the resources tab, you will find useful third-party sites.  Under the ‘brands’ tab, you will find posts organized by brand. In the upper left corner of every page (under the menu tab for mobile visitors) you will find the search spyglass icon.

It is my goal to conduct hands-on reviews of watches. There will be some instances where hands-on is not possible and that will be noted in the post. If I cannot use my own photography attribution will be provided.

As I explore the world of watches, I invite you to join along and please share any ideas that will help us make a more useful sight for you. To reach out, just hit the contact link in the menu above. Oh, you can also follow us on Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter.