Finding my watch style

I’m going to take a break from outward research and explore my own watch style. This is something I’ve given little thought to until recently. Much like any other form of style, it’s hard to get at what drives interest in a particular item.

In an effort to discover my watch style, I’m going to answer a series of questions to get at the root of what drives my watch decisions.

Tell me about the first watch you bought.

My first watch was a Swatch in the mid-80’s. The model was the Black Diver which was a black watch (case and band) with a white face. This model had a face that looked like a traditional diver with luminescent hour markers and ‘blocky’ shapes at the ends of the hour and minute hands.

Do any other watches that you have owned stand out?

I do recall buying a few Casio divers in my 20’s. I had a pretty active lifestyle (still do) and have always appreciated a rugged watch that was easy to read.

How would you sum up your personal clothing style?

Active casual in a phrase. I like to wear suits when called for but on any given day I would much rather be in shorts and flip-flops or jeans and a t-shirt.

Would you say you are trendy or more your own style?

I feel like I blend in with the current styles but with my own twist. I’m not too concerned with the fashion of the day more so I stay true to my style.

Let’s move on to watch specific topics. The following are a series of word choices relating to watches:

Quality or look – Quality matters to me but, the price is not just the indicator of quality. Timex makes a quality product for those seeking a low-cost watch.
Big dial or smaller dial – I prefer big dials.
Heavy or light – Depends on the watch.  Overall, I prefer a watch that I know is on my wrist. So, I lean toward heavier.
Bracelet or strap – I like both but, bracelet works well for my smaller wrist.
Leather or cloth – If it is a strap watch I prefer leather.
Numerals or marks – Definitely numbers – not a big fan of Roman numerals or marks at the hour indicators.
Complications or simple – I can’t say I have a big need for complications.  While I do appreciate complications in a watch, I do like simple dials.
Quartz or mechanical – Mechanical
Wind or automatic – Automatic
Fancy or simple – A simple watch without jewel encrusting or bling works for me.
Swiss or other – I lean toward Swiss but, I’m not steadfast or snobbish on the point.  I like Timex for what it is, love the Sinn line of watches, Seiko makes a nice watch as well.

So perhaps my perfect watch looks a little something like this: